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    Using Light to Determine the Ripeness of Grapes


    The micro-optician Hans Zappe wants to make life easier for winegrowers (Video)

    Are you running or stumbling?


    "Leg prothesis with sensory feedback" – Publication in Science Translation Medicine

    New Dean: Prof. Dr. Rolf Backofen


    Since October 10th, 2019, Prof. Dr. Rolf Backofen, Chair of Bioinformatics is become Dean of the Faculty of Engineering. He takes over the office from his precursor Prof. Dr. Hannah Bast, Department of Computer Science.

    Emmy Noether funding for Anayancy Osorio


    Freiburg chemistry researcher receives 1.9 million euros from the German Research Foundation

    Growing and moving


    How interactions between neuronal migration and outgrowth shape network architecture

    A big welcome to our international students


    We wish you a good start with your studies at the Faculty of Engineering. A new city, a new room, new people: you are entering an new phase in your life

    Dr. Can Dincer joins Biosensors and Bioelectronics as an Associate Editor


    Dr. Can Dincer has been invited to join the editorial team of Biosensors and Bioelectronics as an Associate Editor.

    Buckling as a technical revolution


    A planned Freiburg startup has improved micropumps and linked them up with microvalves

    Foot prostheses that give feedback


    Researchers are testing a prosthetic leg that gives amputees sensory feedback and makes walking easier

    Publicly traded company takes over “cytena”


    Swedish enterprise “CELLINK” will pay 30.25 million euros for the University of Freiburg spin-off

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