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    Abhinav Valada Awarded Emmy Noether AI Grant


    Freiburg computer science team develops algorithms for robots to navigate among crowds

    Fingers Made of Laser Light: Controlled Grabbing and Rotation of Biological Micro-Objects


    Freiburg scientists develop concept for feedback-controlled optical tweezers

    Actome GmbH and QIAGEN announce commercial partnership


    The young start-up, which emerged from the Laboratory for MEMS Applications (IMTEK, University of Freiburg) and Hahn-Schickard, is now marketing its protein interaction coupling technology (PICO technology) together with the life...

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year!


    Feliz Navidad Joyeux Noël Merry Christmas Buon Natale Schöni Wiehnacht Счастли́вого Рождества́ عِيدُBoas Festas Весела Коледа Sretan Bozic Veselé Vánoce Glædelig jul Zalig Kerstfeest Hyvää Joulua Kellemes karácsonyi ünnepeket...

    Cochlear implant as a sensor


    Freiburg researchers develop more intelligent intracochlear implants

    Alumni Award 2021


    This year's Alumni Award of the Faculty of Engineering goes to the computer science student Polina Shilikhina

    Step by Step Toward Safe Autonomous Driving


    Computer scientists from the University of Freiburg are improving the scene understanding of self-driving cars

    IEEE Fellow 2022


    Due to his outstanding achievements, Thomas Stieglitz was elected IEEE Fellow 2022

    Misha Mahowald Prize for the "Bionic Arm"


    The TIME electrode is part of a new type of arm prosthesis. For their innovative invention, the team "The Bionic Arm" receives the Misha Mahowald Prize.

    Award at the DGBMT annual conference 2021


    Julien Martens takes 3rd place in the student competition of the German Society for Biomedical Technology

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