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    Thousands of Droplets for Diagnostics


    Researchers develop new method enabling DNA molecules to be counted in just 30 minutes:

    A team of scientists including PhD student Friedrich Schuler from the Laboratory of MEMS Applications at IMTEK has developed a method for...

    Long Night of Sciences, July 24, 2015


    In celebration of their 20th anniversary the Faculty of Engineering and its institutes of Computer Science and Microsystems Engineering are holding a “Long Night of Sciences”.

    Micro-optics sponsors German-Chinese optics symposium


    The Gisela and Erwin Sick Laboratory for Micro-optics together with the State Key Laboratory on Integrated Optoelectronics at Jilin University in China will hold a joint “Sino-German Workshop on Photonic Manufacturing,...

    Jewelry made from synthetic diamond


    Synthetic diamond is almost exclusively being used in industrial applications. So far, man-made diamonds could not be produced in quantities high enough to establish them as gemstones. Researchers have now developed the...


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