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    The Eyes have it - New imaging concept attracts attention


    A recent article published by researchers from the Gisela and Erwin Sick Chair for Micro-optics  (“A miniaturized tunable imaging system inspired by the human eye,” Optics Letters, 38(20), 3991–3994, 2013.) was the subject...

    Lost in Translation - What ails Technology Transfer


    In a recent Commentary written for Nature (“Bridging the market gap,” 501, 483-485, 2013), Prof. Hans Zappe outlined his views concerning the problems facing technology transfer from the university laboratory to industry. Due to...

    New at the Faculty


    Prof. Dr. Moritz Diehl has been appointed as a professor for the newly installed Chair of Systems Theory at IMTEK and has taken over this position at the beginning of the winter semester 2013/14. He is an expert in Control...

    New wire bonded microtransformers published


    Researchers of the microactuators laboratory have published a paper on novel 3D solenoidal on-chip wire bonded microtransformers in JMM.


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