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    Optofluidic router featured in Nature Photonics


    A recent article in "Lab on a Chip" describing an optofluidic optical router developed by the Gisela and Erwin Sick Chair of Micro-optics in collaboration with CSIC in Barcelona, Spain, was featured as a "Research Highlight" by...

    The power of cracks


    Thomas van Oordt et al. from the Lab-on-a-Chip division describe the effect of ultrasonic welding parameters on the peel strength of polyethylene films and provide a practical guideline for a systematic adjustment of welding...

    On screen: discover the portable lab in a movie at youris.com - the European Research Media Center


    Scientists of IMTEK and HSG-IMIT are developing a fully automated system, which can identify sepsis in infants within hours instead of days.

    Prostheses with Sensory Feedback


    Freiburg researchers have developed electrodes that help amputees to grasp at objects

    Invited to the Editorial Board of Nature Scientific Reports


    Dr. Sandeep Kumar Vashist, Laboratory for MEMS applications, IMTEK has been invited to serve as the Editorial Board Member (in Chemical Sciences) of ‘Scientific Reports’, a highly reputed journal by Nature Publishing Group.


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