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    VDI Sponsorship Award 2014


    Mr. Lucas Spohn (Department of Microsystems Engineering) and Mr. Nikolaus Mayer (Department of Computer Science) were awarded the VDI Sponsorship Award 2014 by the President of the University of Freiburg Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c....

    Wolfgang-Gentner-Award 2014 for Young Researchers


    Dr. Andreas Menzel (Department of Microsystems Engineering) and Dr. Matthias Sauer (Department of Computer Science) were awarded the Wolfgang-Gentner-Award for Young Researchers 2014 by the President of the University of Freiburg...

    New Dean Prof. Dr. Georg Lausen


    On October 1st, 2014, Prof. Dr. Georg Lausen, Chair of Databases and Information Systems, Department of Computer Science, will become Dean of the Faculty of Engineering. He takes over the office from his precursor Prof. Dr....

    Publication by Sandeep K. Vashist in Chemical Reviews (IF 45.7)


    Dr Sandeep Kumar Vashist, Laboratory for MEMS applications, has recently published the manuscript “Immobilization of antibodies and enzymes on 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane-functionalized bioanalytical platforms for biosensors and...

    Two new books on energy harvesting interfaces published


    Dr. Dominic Maurath and Dr. Thorsten Hehn, former members of the Fritz Huettinger Chair of Microelectronics, publish two books which provide insights into integrated circuits for energy harvesting interfaces.

    Electricity from Waste Water


    Joana Danzer has received first prize in the category "science" at this year's F-Cell Awards for a new fuel-cell technology that harnesses energy from bacteria filtered out of waste water.


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