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    Are you running or stumbling?


    "Leg prothesis with sensory feedback" – Publication in Science Translation Medicine

    Foot prostheses that give feedback


    Researchers are testing a prosthetic leg that gives amputees sensory feedback and makes walking easier

    Up to the fingertips


    Researchers from the Laboratory for Biomedical Microtechnology are designing a prosthesis that makes movements tangible – Film!

    Detecting neurotransmitters simultaneously to electrical stimulation and recording


    Cover article of Micromachines on the integrity assessment of a hybrid DBS probe

    On the road to the prosthesis of the future


    Researchers are developing coding that allows patients to feel and move more naturally

    Successful on the EMBC 2018


    The Laboratory of Biomedical Microtechnology with numerous contributions on international conference

    Strong presence on the EMBC 2018


    The department for Biomedical Microtechnology is well represented on this year´s EMBC in Hawaii

    Improving the stability of electrode arrays


    Cover article of Advanced Biosystems on the development of innovative adhesion promoters for enhanced stability in thin-film glassy carbon ECoG arrays

    Patients with brain implants and magnetic resonance tomography


    New review article from the Laboratory for Biomedical Microtechnology on the deployment of MRT in patients with brain implants, published in the Journal of Neural Engineering

    Successful cooperation with the University of California (UCLA)


    Johannes Erhardt from the Laboratory for Biomedical Microtechnology explores the behavior of implants in magnetic resonance tomography (MRT)

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