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    Graphene super capacitors for the storage of electric energy


    Being able to save large amounts of electric energy and making them available for mobile access are important prerequisites for the further development of renewable energies. Within the framework of the »Sustainability Center«,...

    Jewelry made from synthetic diamond


    Synthetic diamond is almost exclusively being used in industrial applications. So far, man-made diamonds could not be produced in quantities high enough to establish them as gemstones. Researchers have now developed the...

    Graphene – from a wonder material to the application in mobile communication


    Its theoretical properties made graphene a »wonder material« overnight: it is up to 200 times harder than steel, six times lighter, strong but flexible, environmentally friendly and the world’s thinnest material. Measuring only a...

    Green light for the »Sustainability Performance Center«


    Climate change, resource scarcity, energy turnaround – these challenges of today’s society require sustainable solutions. Finding these solutions is the aim of the newly founded »Sustainability Performance Center«, consisting of...

    »Nobody here thinks within fixed borders – that’s what makes work interesting!«


    Fraunhofer IAF offers graduates of different subjects the opportunity to pursue a scientific career within the scope of a PhD project. Our PhD-students present themselves in a staff-interview: Thomas Gerrer reports on his work at...

    REACH: safe handling of lll-V compound semiconductors


    Power electronics of the future cannot be imagined without lll-V semiconductors: Smartphones, LEDs or lasers benefit from the special physical properties of these materials. Under very rare conditions, however, these materials...

    Efficient gallium nitride voltage converters for energy systems of the future


    Under the project management of the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Solid State Physics IAF, a group of scientists is developing a new generation of voltage converters: the improved gallium nitride technology promises...

    Making synthetic diamond crystals in a plasma reactor


    Synthetic diamond crystals are of interest to many industrial sectors. Their unique properties make them a suitable material for numerous applications including lenses for high-energy laser optics, X-ray radiation detectors and...

    LED lamps: less energy, more light


    LEDs are durable and save energy. Now researchers of Fraunhofer IAF have found a way to make LED lamps even more compact while supplying more light than commercially available models. The key to success: transistors made of the...

    Where research meets science: the »IMTEK Research Day«


    On Monday, 9th of December, the Department of Microsystems Engineering (IMTEK) of the University of Freiburg held its annual Research Day.

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