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    Hatice Ceren Ates receives Klee Prize 2022


    Young Scientist Award honors development of biosensor for monitoring antibiotic concentration in the various body fluids

    Article on the Inside Front Cover of Advanced Materials


    Recent research article “Biosensor-Enabled Multiplexed On-Site Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of Antibiotics” from the Junior Research Group “Disposable Microsystems” is highlighted on the inside front cover of new Advanced...

    Antibiotic levels measurable in breath for first time


    Freiburg researchers are testing a biosensor for personalized dosing of medications

    Biosensors and Bioelectronics Best Paper Award 2020/2021


    The recent paper on CRISPR-Biosensor X from Dr. Can Dincer's team was awarded the international Biosensors and Bioelectronics Best Paper Award 2020/2021.

    Interview in SWR2 Impuls


    "Facemask-integrated Covid-19 tests: this is what biosensors can do." Ralf Caspary in an interview with microsystems engineer Dr. Can Dincer.

    Review Article on the Cover of Advanced Functional Materials


    Recent review on Integrated Devices for Non‐Invasive Diagnostics from the Laboratories for Sensors and MEMS Applications, is highlighted on the back cover of new Advanced Functional Materials issue.

    Invited News & Views article for Nature Electronics


    H. Ceren Ates and Dr. Can Dincer were invited to write a News & Views for Nature Electronics, about “Wearable devices for the detection of COVID-19”.

    Review Article on the Cover of Trends in Biotechnology


    Recent review on On-site Therapeutic Drug Monitoring from the Laboratory for Sensors is highlighted on the cover of new Trends in Biotechnology issue.

    COVID-19 spurs wave of innovative diagnostics


    Recent News article in Nature Biotechnology highlights two different research activities of Dr. Can Dincer.

    A breath of fresh information


    Can Dincer has developed a method for detecting molecules that are markers of disease in exhaled breath

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