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    Hearing thanks to light stimulation


    Freiburg researchers develop new cochlear implant that processes acoustic stimuli using micro-LEDs in the cochlea (Video)

    Battery-free smart homes


    Freiburg researchers from the Department of Microsystems Engineering (IMTEK) receive EXIST business start-up grant for “SenSAWtious”

    The "tuned" human


    Prof. Dr. Thomas Stieglitz explains the technological background of "mind reading" on television magazine "W wie Wissen" (ARD).

    Cleanroom Service Center under new management


    Since March 2021, Björn Gerdes is head of IMTEK's Cleanroom Service Center (RSC).

    Review Article on the Cover of Advanced Functional Materials


    Recent review on Integrated Devices for Non‐Invasive Diagnostics from the Laboratories for Sensors and MEMS Applications, is highlighted on the back cover of new Advanced Functional Materials issue.

    Glass injection molding


    Freiburg researchers succeed in producing rapid, cost-effective and environmentally friendly material. Published in the journal Science.

    Reliable implants through standardized cleaning


    New publication in Micromachines from the Laboratory for Biomedical Microtechnology

    200,000 euros for research into sustainable energy


    The Eva Mayr-Stihl Foundation is funding a new Saltus! group at the University of Freiburg

    Innovation Challenge "Energy-efficient AI-System"


    Detection of atrial fibrilation by means of energy-efficient AI-based integrated circuits - Chair of Microelectronics and Hahn-Schickard awarded first place by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research

    Dr. M. Keller - Acting head of the Chair of Microelectronics from April 1st 2020


    With Prof. Dr. Manoli receiving the emeritus status in 2020, Dr. M. Keller was assigned the temporary position acting head of the Chair of Microelectronics on April 1st 2020.

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