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    Two Papers published in Optics Express


    The scientists from the Microactuators lab are happy to announce two recent publications in Optics Express.

    New Director: Prof. Dr. Ulrike Wallrabe


    On October 1st, 2016, Prof. Dr. Ulrike Wallrabe, Chair of Microactuators, will become the first female Director of the Department of Microsystems Engineering in its 20 years history. She takes over the office from his precursor...

    Innovation Award for Adaptive Lenses


    A novel concept for adaptive lenses by Matthias Wapler from the Laboratory for Microactuators presented at the ISOT 2014 has been recognized with the “Innovation in Optomechatronic Research Award”

    New wire bonded microtransformers published


    Researchers of the microactuators laboratory have published a paper on novel 3D solenoidal on-chip wire bonded microtransformers in JMM.

    New paper on adaptive axicons chosen for IOPselect


    Researchers at the chair for microactuators developed a new type of adaptive “1D-axicon” that delivers a tunable optical line-pattern.

    New piezo actuators developed at the microactuators lab


    New actuation modes for free-form out-of-plane displacement of piezo membranes have been published by researchers of the IMTEK microactuators laboratory.

    Strong Microactuators‘ presence at the MST congress


    The microactuators laboratory had a strong presence at the bi-annual national German MST congress with 5 papers – 4 oral and one poster.

    100% success for the microactuators lab at BrainLinks-BrainTools


    Two project proposals under participation of the microactuators laboratory have been granted in the excellence cluster BrainLinks-BrainTools.

    IMTEK student wins „Best student paper award“ awarded at ISOT 2012


    Michael Pauls, master's student at the chair for microactuators wins the „Best student paper award“ at the ISOT 2012 in paris with the paper „A reflective tunable blazed-grating for high energy

    femtosecond laser pulses“.

    "Magic" NMR in the PLoS ONE journal


    IMTEK researchers have recently reported in the PLoS ONE journal successful fabrication and testing of "Microfabricated Inserts for Magic Angle Coil Spinning (MACS) Wireless NMR Spectroscopy"

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