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    New Software Platform Advances Understanding of the Surface Finish of Manufactured Components


    Scientists develop platform that combines measurements of surface topography in a digital twin

    Complex systems far from equilibrium


    The German Research Foundation approves new interdisciplinary research unit

    Close Proximity that Generates Energy


    Lars Pastewka is optimizing a type of what is known as contact electricity, or the triboelectric effect

    The origins of roughness


    Freiburg researcher investigate the origins of surface texture

    New paper in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces


    "Combining TEM, AFM, and Profilometry for Quantitative Topography Characterization Across All Scales" has appeared in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.

    New paper in Physical Review Materials


    "Shear melting of silicon and diamond and the disappearance of the polyamorphic transition under shear" was published in Physical Review Materials.

    CECAM workshop


    We are delighted to announce an upcoming workshop at CECAM Lausanne on topographic and morphological structure of material interfaces.

    ERC Starting Grants for Asplund and Pastewka


    Dr. Maria Asplund and Prof. Dr. Lars Pastewka have been chosen to receive funding from one of the most significant European sources of support for junior researchers. The ERC distinguishes these researchers by presenting them...

    First Collaborative Research Center (SFB) at IMTEK


    Five laboratories of IMTEK contribute to the SFB/Transregio “Planar Optronic Systems,” which will be distributed among several locations. It will receive a total of 9.8 million euros. The German Research Foundation (DFG)...

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