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    2.3 Million Euros for Young Researchers


    The University of Freiburg is collaborating on a project that aims to use plant models to develop new materials

    15 years Microelectronics in Freiburg


    We had good reason to celebrate: the Chair of Microelectronics in Freiburg turned 15 and the Fritz Hüttinger Chair of Microelectronics was established 5 years ago.

    Review Paper: In Vivo Biosensors


    Our latest review paper “Microfabricated, amperometric, enzyme-based biosensors for in vivo applications” has been published online in the journal Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry (Springer).

    Fighting Epidemics in Africa


    Researchers at IMTEK develop a rapid test for diagnosing malaria and other tropical diseases out of blood in a single run

    Filmclips und Interaktion: Freiburger Forscher gestalten Theaterprojekt SUPERKÖRPER


    Das Theater Freiburg hat in Zusammenarbeit mit Professoren, Wissenschaftlern und Unternehmern aus Freiburg und Basel das Projekt SUPERKÖRPER konzipiert, das am 15. April mit der Auftaktveranstaltung „Was ist unser Einsatz?...

    Implant against High Blood Pressure


    Aesculap AG agrees to participate in neuroloop GmbH and invest in a University of Freiburg spinoff

    Artificial intelligence beats human experts again


    IIF team now in the final round of the Automatic Machine Learning Challenge (AutoML)

    Sustainability, Engineering, Future


    The University of Freiburg founded the new Institute of Sustainable Systems Engineering (INATECH) in October 2015 with the aim to connect teaching and research in the field of sustainable systems and to complete it with an...

    Ruling out errors in computer programs


    Freiburg team winner of the 5. International Competition on

    Software Verificaton

    Meeting the Demand for Specialists


    With the “Master 2016” program, the University of Freiburg receives five new degree programs and expands three others

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