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    Micro-optics sponsors German-Chinese optics symposium


    The Gisela and Erwin Sick Laboratory for Micro-optics together with the State Key Laboratory on Integrated Optoelectronics at Jilin University in China will hold a joint “Sino-German Workshop on Photonic Manufacturing,...

    Jewelry made from synthetic diamond


    Synthetic diamond is almost exclusively being used in industrial applications. So far, man-made diamonds could not be produced in quantities high enough to establish them as gemstones. Researchers have now developed the...

    cytena received EUR 1.1 million


    Seed capital from HTGF and a private investor


    Research Building for Brain-Machine Interfaces


    The Science Council has given the University of Freiburg’s proposal for a new research building for the “Freiburg Institute for Machine-Brain Interfacing Technology” (IMBIT) an outstanding evaluation and has recommended the...

    The Engineered Eyeball on ARTE


    The Engineered Eyeball, developed by the Gisela and Erwin Sick Laboratory for Micro-optics, was featured in the popular science television show X:enius, seen Europe-wide on ARTE in April.

    First place in Automatic Machine Learning Challenge


    Seven members of Dr. Frank Hutter's Automated Algorithm Design group and Prof. Martin Riedmiller's Machine Learning group won 1st place in the first phase of the Automatic Machine Learning (AutoML) Challenge.

    Graphene – from a wonder material to the application in mobile communication


    Its theoretical properties made graphene a »wonder material« overnight: it is up to 200 times harder than steel, six times lighter, strong but flexible, environmentally friendly and the world’s thinnest material. Measuring only a...

    Analyzing and Interpreting Cell Data


    University of Freiburg to coordinate new Performance Center for Bioinformatics

    Green light for the »Sustainability Performance Center«


    Climate change, resource scarcity, energy turnaround – these challenges of today’s society require sustainable solutions. Finding these solutions is the aim of the newly founded »Sustainability Performance Center«, consisting of...

    »Nobody here thinks within fixed borders – that’s what makes work interesting!«


    Fraunhofer IAF offers graduates of different subjects the opportunity to pursue a scientific career within the scope of a PhD project. Our PhD-students present themselves in a staff-interview: Thomas Gerrer reports on his work at...

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