Two new project starts

    03.05.2021 11:13

    Two new projects start at the Chair of Control and Integration of Grids. The IND-E project - "Decarbonization and electrification potential in German industry - data, actors and models" together with Fraunhofer ISE, Öko-Institut Freiburg and Offenburg University of Applied Sciences already started on March 1, 2021. More details about the project can be found here: www.ise.fraunhofer.de/de/presse-und-medien/news/2021/forschungsprojekt-ind-e-dekarbonisierungs-und-elektrifizierungspotentiale-in-der-deutschen-industrie-gestartet.htmlOn May 1, 2021, the project "Formal modeling of operational flexibility in multi-scale multi-modal energy systems" starts as one activity in the DFG Priority Program "Hybrid and multimodal energy systems: System theoretical methods for the transformation and operation of complex networks". More details can be found here: www.spp1984.de/projects/




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