The Engineered Eyeball on ARTE

    23.04.2015 09:27
    The Engineered Eyeball, developed by the Gisela and Erwin Sick Laboratory for Micro-optics, was featured in the popular science television show X:enius, seen Europe-wide on ARTE in April. The Engineered Eyeball team

    The Engineered Eyeball team

    The program, entitled “Objektive – Besser als das menschliche Auge?”, showed how the Micro-optics team has used the human eye as a model for a new kind of optical objective. Based on artificial muscles, flexible lenses and fluidic apertures, the Engineered Eyeball represents an entirely different approach for optical imaging.

    The X:enius program, available at www.arte.tv/guide/de/056817-006/x-enius, also visited Leica, the EMBL in Heidelberg as well as two artists in Paris who convert entire rooms into pinhole cameras, a fascinating demonstration of how one can use the simplest of all objectives to generate fascinating images.


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