Novel miniaturized frequency combs

    27.05.2020 16:53
    World's first experimental demonstration

    Last summer, in our labs happened the world's first experimental demonstration of miniaturized frequency combs based on second-order optical nonlinearity. Compared with the state of the art, this approach has several advantages.

    Compact laser sources with lower output power can be applied to operate the system. Spectral ranges relevant for several applications, e.g. the visible or the mid infrared, can be easier addressed. Novel tuning and stabilization schemes come into play. Furthermore, the first experimental demonstration is the starting point of the basic investigation of novel frequency comb states that have been predicted only theoretically so far.

    Our results have recently been published in the prestigious journal "Physical Review Letters":

    Szabados J, Puzyrev D, Minet Y, Reis L, Buse K, Villois A, Skryabin D, Breunig I
    Frequency Comb Generation via Cascaded Second-Order Nonlinearities in Microresonators
    Phys Rev Lett 124, 203902 (2020)

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