Freiburg researchers set the standard for testing procedures for neuroimplants

    21.10.2020 10:42
    "This is a review that really has been missing in the field for quite some time!""

    The reliable interaction of technical systems with nerves and the brain is the goal of neuroimplants. Electrodes must reliably and long-term stably record bioelectric signals and stimulate them electrically without damaging or destroying tissue and implant. In their tutorial, researchers at the Center BrainLinks-BrainTools at the University of Freiburg led by Maria Asplund, Christian Böhler and Thomas Stieglitz have for the first time compiled comprehensive test procedures that describe the global state of the art and allow a comparison of the function of neuroimplants.

    Boehler, C., Carli, S., Fadiga, L., Steiglitz, T., Asplund, M.: Guidelines for standardized performance tests for electrodes intended for neural interfaces and bioelectronics. Nature protocols (2020) doi.org/10.1038/s41596-020-0389-2

    Link to the article: https://rdcu.be/b8IXW



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