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    Academica meets Industry / Starting without Ending: Insights into 20 years of founding and managing Life-Science Start-ups

    Startdatum: 11.07.2018
    Startzeit: 17:00
    Stoppzeit: 19:00



    Dr. Michael Lauk
    Chief Executive Officer Neuroloop GmbH, Freiburg

    Moderator: Prof. Dr. Thomas Stieglitz, IMTEK

    Date/Time: July 11th 2018, 17.00 (s.t.)
    Place: Lecture hall 00 005 (ground floor), Institute of Physiology/Pharmacology, Hermann-Herder-Str. 7

    Dr. Michael Lauk is a serial start-up entrepreneur in the healthcare field, focused on medical
    devices. He has more than 25 years of experience in business as well as research in the
    healthcare field in Germany and the USA. Most recently he co-founded neuroloop GmbH, a Startup
    designing an active implantable device to lower blood-pressure. Besides neuroloop, he cofounded
    the start-ups SpinDiag GmbH, Tomes GmbH, inSleep Health LLC, resp(EQ) Inc., Lauk
    Ventures GmbH, TNI medical AG and seleon GmbH, where he worked in different management
    and board positions.
    Michael earned his PhD in Physics in Freiburg and Boston. He is a data scientist and designed
    healthcare products and marketing strategies. He has executed more than 50 medical device
    projects, and initiated several co-operations between companies, hospitals, and universities.
    Michael authored and co-authored 25 original publications in international periodicals and books,
    and he is a co-inventor of several patents.
    Michael is holding honorary positions as a board member of bwcon e.V. and the German-
    American-Institute. He also serves as chairman of the board of the „Verband der Freunde der
    Universität Freiburg e.V.“, and he is chairman of the board of trustees at the Freiburg Material
    Research Center.

    Academia meets Industry
    The seminar series “Academia meets Industry” aims at stimulating interdisciplinary discussions
    between university members and high profile managers from industry and public health
    organizations. It addresses the complex challenges in science, management, politics and society
    which are promoted by both university and industry in a concerted action. At these seminars the
    practical perspective of the guest speakers encounters the education and research priorities of the
    university and thus allows an unprecedented dialogue on chances and risks of current and future
    research developments in life sciences.


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