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    O. Solgaard: Dielectric Laser Accelerators – How and Why

    Startdatum: 21.04.2021
    Startzeit: 16:15
    Stoppzeit: 18:00

    Veranstalter: Optik-Kolloquium
    Ort: ZOOM



    Prof. Dr. Olav Solgaard

    Department of Electrical Engineering
    Stanford University, USA

    "Dielectric Laser Accelerators: How and Why"

    Dielectric Laser Accelerators (DLAs) combine femtosecond lasers with Silicon photonics to create chips-scale systems for acceleration and modulation of electron beams at optical frequencies and opening new fields of applications.  In this talk we will give a short overview of the operation of traditional electron accelerators and cover the basics of electron-laser interactions to show how electron accelerators can be scaled to the chip level.  Experimental results of acceleration, focusing, and creation of attosecond electron pulses will be described, and future directions in the applications of modulated electrons to preparation of quantum systems will be discussed.




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