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    Julian Roth: Structured Illumination Superresolution Microscopy

    Start date: 29 January, 2020
    Start time: 16:15
    End time: 18:00

    Organizer: Optics Colloquium
    Location: Building 101, Lecture Hall 00-036



    Julian Roth
    University of Freiburg, IMTEK
    »Structured Illumination Superresolution Microscopy«

    To observe dynamic processes inside cells on short timescales, fast imaging at high spatial resolution is indispensable. Total internal reflection fluorescent structured illumination microscopy (TIRF-SIM) is a unique approach combining excellent contrast, low excitation light intensities and high acquisition speeds with a two-fold increased lateral resolution in comparison to the Abbe diffraction limit. I will present a novel TIRF-SIM implementation, which enables simultaneous dual-color super-resolution imaging of fluorescent samples at several Hertz.

    The novel system delivers deeper insights into sub-seconds dynamics at the 100 nm scale of the cell wall synthesis in bacteria, which are crucial to gain fundamental knowledge of how bacteria build, expand and maintain their cell wall.


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