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    Dr. H. Schift: Polishing without touching

    Start date: 24 April, 2019
    Start time: 16:15
    End time: 18:00

    Organizer: Optics Colloquium
    Location: Lecture Hall 00-036, Building 101, Georges-Köhler-Allee


    Dr. Helmut Schift

    Paul-Scherrer-Institute, Micro- and Nanotechnology, Villigen PSI, Switzerland
    »Polishing without touching – How to reduce roughness in refractive micro-optical elements«


    Two-photon polymerization by direct laser writing enables to write refractive micro-optical ele-ments with sub-µm precision. The trajectories and layering during the direct writing process often result in roughness in the range of the writing increment, which has adverse effects for optical ap-plications. Instead of increasing overlap between adjacent voxels, roughness in the range of 100 nm can be smoothed-out by post-processing. For this a method known as TASTE was developed, which allows polishing of surfaces without changing the structural details or the overall shape. It works particularly well with thermoplastic polymers and enables sub-10 nm roughness. A process route was developed involving a copying step into PMMA, and applied to an array of concave microlenses.


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