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    Unlocking human-like perception in self-driving vehicles


    Freiburg computer scientists make an important step towards advancing perception in complex urban environments

    Making solar cells commercially viable for everyday use


    Research group led by Juliane Borchert receives foundation funding for the further development of solar cells for vehicles, clothing and tents, for example

    ionysis GmbH – spin-off bringing hydrogen fuel cells to market maturity for heavy-duty commercial vehicles


    A team from the “Electrochemical Energy Systems” research area at the Laboratory for MEMS Applications and Hahn-Schickard in Freiburg has just founded “ionysis GmbH” to develop more efficient membrane electrode units for fuel...

    New Software Platform Advances Understanding of the Surface Finish of Manufactured Components


    Scientists develop platform that combines measurements of surface topography in a digital twin

    Anke Weidlich on the energy crisis in Europe


    In a series of video podcasts, Freiburg researchers will examine Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine from their different scientific perspectives

    "FreiPose" enables measurement of neuronal activity during the movement of individual body parts


    New tracking method captures 3D motion of body points and can factor out the influence of unwanted movement

    BMT poster at IFESS 2022


    Britta Meyer presents research results at rehabweek

    45 million euros in BMBF funding for research on nanopores for personalized medicine


    The nanodiag BW future cluster coordinated by Hahn-Schickard is one of seven nationwide winners of the Clusters4Future initiative, the excellence competition for applied research in Germany. The German Federal Ministry of...

    Gips-Schüle Young Scientist Award for Juan Francisco Martínez Sánchez


    Dr. -Ing. Juan Francisco Martínez Sánchez from INATECH has set a world record for efficiency with his innovative EyeCon photovoltaic module and has been awarded the Gips-Schüle Young Scientist Prize for his development.

    Donald E. Walker Distinguished Service Award goes to Professor Bernhard Nebel


    The Donald E. Walker Distinguished Service Award will be given in 2022 to Professor Bernhard Nebel.

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