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    BioFluidix: A New Start-Up from the Laboratory of MEMS Applications


    On April 1, 2005, Dr. Peter Koltay – a former group leader at the laboratory for MEMS Applications – together with partners established the new start-up company BioFluidix.

    Guest lecture by Prof. Wereley


    On April 13 at 11:15 Prof. Wereley will give a guest lecture on "Flow Diagnostics for Micro/Nano Device Characterization"

    (building 101, 2nd floor)

    Guest Lecture Dr. Delamarche (IBM Research Laboratory of Zurich)


    Dr. Emmanuel Delamarche from IBM Research Laboratory of Zurich gives a guest lecture on April 12 at 11 c.t. (building 101; room 02-016/18, 2nd floor)

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