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    StarTube wins IMTEK Best Poster Award 2008


    We congratulate our collegues from the Lab for MEMS Applications:

    Tobias Metz, Wolfgang Streule, Roland Zengerle and Peter Koltay

    for winning the best poster award at the annual IMTEK poster session 2008!



    Speaker: Professor Tianhong Cui; Richard & Barbara Nelson Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Minnesota.



    Gastvortrag von Herrn Dr. Werner Zapka, Xaar Jet AB (Cambridge, Stockholm)

    Lab-careers: Dr. Martina Daub accepts position at Robert Bosch GmbH


    During the last seven years Martina Daub was assistant lecturer at the laboratory for MEMS applications at IMTEK (Prof. Dr. Roland Zengerle) and head the Tools for Cells Group. Now Martina decided to move to the Corporate...

    Lab-career: PD Dr. Jens Ducrée accepts professorship at Biomedical Diagnostics Institute at Dublin City University


    After 9 years in Freiburg PD. Dr. Jens Ducrée accepts an offer as associate professor for “Microsystem Technologies” at the Biomedical Diagnostics Institute at the Dublin City University in Ireland as of May 2008.

    EXZELLENZINITIATIVE: Beteiligung des Lehrstuhls Anwendungsentwicklung


    Der Lehrstuhl Anwendungsentwicklung ist bei dem bewilligten Exzellenzcluster "Centre for Biological Signalling Studies (bioss)" mit zwei technologischen Projekten beteiligt: dem bioss Pathway Assembler und dem bioss 4D...

    EXZELLENZINITIATIVE: IMTEK und Informatik erfolgreich im Exzellenzcluster bioss


    Die beiden Institute für Informatik und Mikrosystemtechnik entwickeln in dem bewilligten Exzellenzcluster "Centre for Biological Signalling Studies (bioss)" technologischen Grundlagen für die Erforschung der chemischen Prozesse...

    Recent Review on “Microfluidic Platforms” selected as cover story for “Lab on a Chip”


    The recent critical review paper on  “Microfluidic Platforms for Lab-on-a-Chip Applications” by  Stefan Haeberle and Roland Zengerle was selected as the cover story for the September issue of “Lab on a Chip”.“Lab on a...

    IMTEK careers: Wolfgang Streule joins BioFluidix GmbH as R&D Engineer


    Wolfgang Streule, former PhD student at the nanoliter & nicoliter dispensing group of the Laboratory for MEMS Applications, started working as R&D engineer at BioFluidix GmbH as of July 2007.

    IMTEK careers: Thomas Glatzel accepts position as R&D engineer at BRAUN GmbH in Kronberg/Taunus


    Thomas Glatzel worked in the nanofluidics simulation group at the IMTEK – Laboratory for MEMS Applications from August 2003 till May 2007. Now he was offered a permanent position at Braun GmbH in Kronberg/Taunus as of June 2007.

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