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    Deep Learning helps improve gene therapies and antiviral drugs


    Team led by bioinformatician Rolf Backofen develops algorithm to identify anti-CRISPR protein

    Hatice Ceren Ates receives Klee Prize 2022


    Young Scientist Award honors development of biosensor for monitoring antibiotic concentration in the various body fluids

    New insights into the movement of pine cone scales


    Cone scales open and close due to the interaction of multiple tissue layers, all of which respond to moisture

    Sensor network in the forest to improve forecasts of climate change impacts


    The German Research Foundation approves the Collaborative Research Center "ECOSENSE".

    Marco Zimmerling Awarded 2022 ACM SIGBED


    Marco Zimmerling was selected as the winner of the 2022 ACM SIGBED Early Career Researcher Award.

    "Institute for Machine-Brain Interfacing Technology" is ceremoniously handed over


    Freiburg scientists at IMBIT conduct interdisciplinary research on human-machine interfaces

    3D printing of small and complex components made of glass in just a few minutes


    Scientists combine materials science invention with newly developed 3D printing technology

    Rotating blue laser light reveals unimagined dynamics in living cells


    Using a novel laser-scanning microscope scientists observe processes in cells changing within milliseconds

    Technology transfer award for PCR rapid test device for infection diagnostics


    Spindiag, a University of Freiburg and Hahn-Schickard spin-off, has been recognized for its research-based development

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