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    cytena received EUR 1.1 million


    Seed capital from HTGF and a private investor


    Research Building for Brain-Machine Interfaces


    The Science Council has given the University of Freiburg’s proposal for a new research building for the “Freiburg Institute for Machine-Brain Interfacing Technology” (IMBIT) an outstanding evaluation and has recommended the...

    Analyzing and Interpreting Cell Data


    University of Freiburg to coordinate new Performance Center for Bioinformatics

    Robot Competition 2015 - the winners


    The undergraduate students participate in a robot competition which is part of the "System Design Projekt"

    Self-Shedding Surfaces


    What to do when functional surfaces fail? When catheters become contaminated with microorganisms or sensors no longer react? Until now, the answer was: remove and replace. The chemist Dr. Karen Lienkamp has received a 1.49...

    How a computer determines movements in videos


    As a PhD student 10 years back in time, the computer scientist Thomas Brox developed a seminal computer vision technique, for which he has now been awarded the renowned Koenderink Prize.

    Implantable Cuff with Electrodes


    High blood pressure is the greatest health risk worldwide behind smoking and alcohol consumption. In Germany, around 25 percent of the population suffers from arterial hypertension, as the condition is referred to in medical...

    Senate Elects Two New Vice Rectors


    The Senate of the University of Freiburg has elected two new part-time vice rectors: Gisela Riescher (Faculty of Humanities) will be responsable for academic integrity, equal opprtunity and diversity, Margit Zacharias (Faculty of...

    Prostheses with Sensory Feedback


    Freiburg researchers have developed electrodes that help amputees to grasp at objects

    Learning from Relatives


    New web tool simplifies prediction of regulatory networks in bacteria

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