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    05.02.2014 10:55
    Scientists of IMTEK and HSG-IMIT are developing a fully automated system, which can identify sepsis in infants within hours instead of days.

    Such performance in terms of speed is what the EU funded research project ASCMicroPlat hopes to deliver by the time its final tests have been conducted, in 2014. Daniel Mark and Gregor Czilwik, engineers and project managers at the research institute HSG-IMIT in Freiburg, talk to youris.com about how this invention could both save lives and prevent the unnecessary use of antibiotics.

    Lab-on-a-Chip systems such as the LabDisk are a big issue which scientists from the Laboratory for MEMS Applications and from HSG-IMIT are tackling in a strategic alliance.

    Watch the movie on youris.com

    Read the interview with Gregor Czilwik on youris.com

    Go to the project website ASCMicroPlat

    Learn more about the Lab-on-a-Chip research group of IMTEK and HSG-IMIT

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